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"A Prophetic Warning From God, Tsunami to hit Sydney - 20th September 2018" was the title on a leaflet handed to my place of work. This was around
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In the last series of Lets Talk About Money I revealed to you that money gains its power from trust and that without it money is worthless. I also
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What gives money so much power? What makes money so great that even Jesus himself likened it to a master that could be served in Matthew 6:24? While
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Looking at the corruption scandals that have rocked Kenya, there is one thing that always seems to always stand out. This one thing is also very
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Lately, social media has me feeling all sorts of feelings mostly anger and frustration.   Politics it seems will either reveal what is truly
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Dear Cohabitant, I don't know how it happened or who moved into whose house or whether it was a clothe at a time until you finally realized you
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