Does The West Really Care About Human Rights In Africa?

There has been a hue and cry over the apparent lack of coverage of the atrocities going on in South Sudan by the media, mostly the Western media.

Just a few weeks ago, less than a month actually, the Western media had camped in Kenya waiting in bated breath for the judgment that was set to be delivered over the repealing of Section 162 of the Penal Code which criminalizes homosexual behavior. It is imperative to note that anyone is rarely ever charged or prosecuted under this section. Further, the judges in this matter opined that the petitioners had failed to prove that any of their basic human rights had been abused as alleged.

Soon after the judgment was read against the repealing the western media was quick to air and splash in their written publications about how Kenya had failed to abide and uphold human rights by failing to repeal the said section.

Fast-forward to last week when Botwsana decriminalized the law on homosexuality and every single news channel from the west reported it hailing the country for being “progressive”. But there was none to report what was going on in South Sudan.

Most of the times, as was seen during our most recent terrorist attack in January, the Western media covered the attack in the most undignified manner and it was only after the intervention of KOT that “an apology” was released.

The west will fund movements in third world countries that propagate LGBTI and abortion agendas with claims of upholding and guarding human rights but when an African country is burning up the same people are nowhere to be found.

What am I saying? The west does not give a hoot about human rights in Africa. This is a well created fallacy meant to look like “human rights” but at the heart of it is a sinister motive. Any agenda by the west to dictate what should and should not be our moral values should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

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