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“A Prophetic Warning From God, Tsunami to hit Sydney – 20th September 2018” was the title on a leaflet handed to my place of work. This was around July 2018. The leaflet went on to describe how a great tsunami was goin to hit the city of Sydney followed by an earthquake. I was greatly disturbed by this. A further online search on the issue plunged me into further gloom as there were very many people especially notable figures in the prophetic ministry who prophesied about the same. The worst thing was I believed It all. September 19th came and I spent about 3 hours into the night praying, repenting, crying out for mercy and quoting all the scripture I could recall.

September 20 the D-Day. I went to work as usual deep in prayer still. Every time I heard a siren or a sudden shriek my heart would flip and smash against my rib cage. THE TSUNAMI IS UPON US!, I would think out aloud, only to realize people still going about their normal businesses. The day gradually passed on with no tsunami or earthquake warnings. I really felt very silly the next day (thank God I did not go out shouting in the streets like a mad man saying THE END IS COMING!!!). I thought to myself something is a miss.

As the days progressed I was reminded of the Book of Matthew Chapter 24 where Jesus talks about the end of days. But before I go into this chapter of the Bible I have realised something going on that is making a lot of us believers me included miss the point. If you look at our world today, you can’t help but notice an increase in natural disasters, conflicts, a lot of war mongering and the like. Just recently an earthquake hit Indonesia and this was quickly followed by a Tsunami.

Yes these things are occurring and at an increased rate especially today, but what I do not understand is why we are getting caught up in them. A quick search on internet will reveal to you the countless number of videos and webpages online so focused and centered on this end time disaster and conspiracy stuff. Most of these videos are being done by believers comparing the world today to end time prophecies in the bible. Some go as far as forming conspiracy theories concerning the Antichrist being certain world leaders today whose names I will not bother mentioning. I’m sorry to say that most of these videos and webpages give no hope whatsoever to their viewers and frankly serve only as a conduit for the spread of fear. The sad part is that these pages are visited by millions of people every day.

Now, lets look at what message the bible has for us when it comes to matters to do with the end times. In Matthew 24 Jesus describes all these disasters that are happening today but in verse 6 he clearly says “…. do not be troubled. such things must happen but they do not mean the end has come………….” Jesus clearly tells us do not let these natural disasters, wars and rumors of wars conspiracies and the like trouble you. He even goes further to state why. In verse 4,5 is however where our focus should be. It is because in these verses is where Jesus gives us a clear command. “Be on your guard, and do not let anyone deceive you. Many men, claiming to speak for me will come and say ‘I am the Messiah!’ and they will deceive many people. The same is said in Verses 11,23,24,25 and 26 which shows a lot of emphasis by Jesus on this issue.

Have you noticed how there is a reason behind every command! You see Jesus Did not want us to get caught up with all these disasters and rumors, for he knew that the moment we did it would make us easy targets for the Devil to deceive us. This is why he starts of by telling us to be on our guard before going on to elaborate on the disasters to come. It is vital that in this time we should hold on to the Gospel of Truth with our dear lives because there are many false teachers, prophets and doctrines out there in the world today.

I believe the emphasis should not be on the signs but on holding tightly to what we know as the Gospel truth. This is because Jesus thought it more important that you stay true to him, his teachings and not be deceived over conspiracies, disasters and wars that are being overly propagated in the world today especially by other believers and non-believers.


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