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Lately, social media has me feeling all sorts of feelings mostly anger and frustration.
Politics it seems will either reveal what is truly in peoples’ hearts or turn them into monsters. Bottom line, people, or at least a good number have turned into monsters.
There are all kinds of people I have encountered on these streets. Here is my list I am pretty sure you will identify.
          1. Political bloggers.
First, this lot mostly belongs to the highest bidder and it is no wonder that they keep hopping from one political team to another. The least you should expect from them is the truth.  

Read whatever they post with a pinch of salt, it was probably paid for.

Second, these bloggers have a following of like-minded people who would follow them right into the gutter. When they insult people from another tribe their followers are there to cheer them. Be very careful with them because they have been known to have fake accounts to help them peddle their lies and insult anyone who corrects their posts with what is actually the truth.
These ones, they know the truth, but it does not put ugali on the table.  

         2. Sycophants
Yikes! I have a lot to say about this lot.
As I mentioned earlier most political bloggers have like-minded followers who will follow them right into the gutter. You will find some of these sycophants on your timeline. They follow everything their political leaders say without digesting it in their brains first.
If their leader says they should throw themselves off a cliff they will do it.
When you post something that is contrary to their opinion they do not engage you with facts but with insults.
They’re the first to point out that your name betrays you.

They also tend to have narcissistic tendencies.  

Do you sometimes wonder who hit the “love” or “haha” button when the post is celebrating a plane crush accident that has several people dead? Yes, it is this group.
They will insult you and claim it is their constitutional right.
They will celebrate and demand that a leader from the other political side is arrested for hate speech but defend a leader from their political side who issues the same statement.
A small piece of advice, do not, I repeat do not engage them. Thank me later.

         3. Fake concern for truth and justice.
These ones make me sad. They started out well with a quest for truth and justice. But fame, politics and a sycophantic following can change you. First, they will accuse you of remaining silent when injustice is being meted out. But when another group is experiencing the same injustice, will distance themselves and when asked will say that they do not have the monopoly for speaking for justice.
In the rare event that they do speak out, it is mostly to justify the injustice by speaking about how the victim group is entitled and is deserving of the injustice. Most of the times they will not write it as blatantly as I have but it is there in between the texts and the posts that somehow look like real concern.
This group is worse than the first two groups. At least with the first two groups, it is clear where they stand. These ones like to pretend that they’re all about truth and justice but only when it suits them and their followers.
          4. Freedom of speech.
They know their rights and they are not afraid to exercise them. They will post their political choices unreservedly followed by #NasaTibiim #TanoTena #TanoFresh.
They do not just recognize their rights but others peoples’ rights as well which means they do not insult anyone on social media. In fact at the end of the day they will grab a drink and buy each other tea with people from the other political group.
These group will normally call out the political leaders they support when they do something wrong.
They suffer the most under the hands of group 2.
I was once in this group but did not have the mettle to withstand the heat coming from group 2. 
These ones are very few. They are the ideal Kenya.

          5. Unrelated posts.
You will not know what their political stand is. They prefer not to engage. They might be confused for being neutral or not taking stands but that is far from the truth. I belong in this group. We live for the comment section.
Why do I post unrelated things? First I do not have the energy to engage. Most people have already taken a stand and I do not believe I can change their minds so why bother?
Lastly I do not believe I should justify my political choices to anyone.

          6. Cats and other funny videos.
I am proud to announce that I also belong in this group. Stumbling upon a funny video after reading a sycophantic post is like a breath of fresh air. We need more people in this group.


Chill out. Laugh a little. It is never that serious. 
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2 years ago

You may have forgotten the social media preachers. A prayer every morning, a verse every hour and the only thing they can say about politics is that " God has already chosen a leader".

Wangeci Kiragu
2 years ago

Hahaha some of these are borderline sycophants and unrelated posts

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